This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 772787.

An opportunity for SMARTER: the CDB “Fitter Livestock Farming”

An opportunity: the CDB (Common Dissemination Booster) “Fitter Livestock Farming”

In Horizon 2020 many projects share the same concerns, and the EC encourages them to do a joint dissemination, to gather their objectives, pool their results and their stakeholders, and organize joint communication events. In the field of animal science, the CDB Fitter Livestock Farming has been created, and at the moment six projects participate to it (Feed-a-Gene, Image, Saphir, GplusE, GenTORE and SmartCow). This joint tool has been created with the support of the EC, and is coordinated by Trust IT-Services.

SMARTER has been invited to participate on 6th November 2019 in Brussels to a joint event organized by Fitter Livestock Farming and focusing on “What R&I can deliver to support climate mitigation and adaptation in livestock farming”. It was organized jointly by ATF, EAAP and the CDB (about 120 stakeholders have participated). Carole Moreno, coordinator of SMARTER made an oral presentation of the project during this meeting. Moreover, a poster was presented and some brochures distributed. To see all the presentations visit the ATF dedicated page).

This cluster will continue, and SMARTER might eventually join it in association with other new research projects when Horizon Europe will have been launched. On 6th November 2019, Methagene, Roadmap, HealthyLivestock, Bovine, Eurodairy, Ok-Net-EcoFeed had been also invited to make a short presentations of their objectives.

Joint dissemination activities such as sessions in scientific conferences (e.g. EAAP Porto 2020) and an annual meeting in Brussels would be organized.