This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 772787.

National Round Tables

Ten National Round Tables (NRT) are organised at regional level in the following SMARTER countries: Uruguay, Switzerland, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, and Norway. The purpose is to reach all relevant stakeholders within each country (end-users, sheep and goat farmers, breeding, (inter)-professional organizations, training people, wide society) to the same table for presenting and discussing the achievements of the Project.

The structure of each NRT is common and flexible according to the specific interest of each countries (traits-oriented, evaluation–oriented, breeding objective-oriented). The aim being to present and discuss objectives, practical results for end-users, way of disseminate. A survey is foreseen for getting feedbacks from the participants, in order to improve the replies of the different questionnaires set up during the project. All the collected feedbacks, ideas, suggestions in the various NRT will be collated into a final document that facilitate the application of the achievements of the SMARTER.


PartnerDate and placeMaterial

INRAE (France)

5-6 April 2022

Sèvremont  (France)

Video – Pictures: 12345678910

Presentations: WP1WP2WP3WP4 WP5WP6WP7Flavie TortereauMarjorie ChassierCoralie MachefertArnaud Delpeuch


INIA-UY (Uruguay)

21-22 April 2022

Tacuarembó (Uruguay)


NRT presentations

UNIDEB (Hungary)

22 April 2022

Debrecen (Hungary)

Pictures: 12345

Presentations: Dr. Kusza SzilviaDr. Kukovics Sándor  – Dr. Monori IstvánDr. Oláh JánosDr. Cehla BélaDr Jávor András



8 June 2022

Valladolid (Spain)

Video 1st part  – Video 2nd partVideo summary 

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Summary document NRT


25 June 2022

Agrinio City (Greece)

Pictures: 1234567

Presentations: IntroductionWP1WP2WP3WP4WP5WP6WP7


TEAGASC (Ireland)

12 July 2022

Thurles (Ireland)

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Presentations: McHughPabiouProfile


FiBL, Qualitas (Switzerland)

17 November 2022

Entlebuch (Switzerland)

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SRUC, TEXELS, UEDIN, AbacusBio (United Kingdom)

7 December 2022

Edinburgh (United Kingdom)


Agenda – Flyer

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ARAL (Italy)

9 -10 February 2023

Padenghe sul Garda (Itay)


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NSG (Norway)

17 -18 February 2023

Stjørdal (Norway)