This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 772787.

EAAP SMARTER Session, December 4th 2020 (online)

by C. Moreno

 Credits: Stéphan Gabrielli

There were 12 theatre presentations and 8 posters presented during the SMARTER session of EAAP meeting (Session 61). These presentations were undertaken by 7 SMARTER partners (INRAE, SRUC, TEAGASC, UNILEON, UEDIN, INIA-UY, UGUELPH) with the participation of 5 other partners (IDELE, NSG, NEIKER, AUTH, ABACUSBIO). Most of the presented results are not yet published in an international review but gave interesting information concerning the genetic parameters of resilience and efficiency (R&E) (5 talks), and the genetic evaluation of these traits (5 talks). There were also 2 presentations about mutations or QTL detections of R&E and 3 papers studying the mechanisms/genes underlying trade-offs between R&E. Finally, 4 ‘methods’ papers were presented that included 2 models for trade-offs and selection strategy, 2 new methods for resilience trajectories and the accuracy of resilience. Despite the unfriendly virtual environment, the session was a real success (Around 80 participants followed our session) and showed the great work done this year by the SMARTER partners. All the presentations are available on SMARTER website