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EAAP 70th Annual Meeting 2019

Where: Ghent, Belgium

From 26/08/2019 to 30/08/2019

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The 70th EAAP annual meeting will be held in Ghent, Belgium, from 26th to 30th August 2019.

The SMARTER partner INIA-UY will present two research approaches: “Differences in growth between Corriedale sheep divergent lines for resistance to nematodes” (session 62) and “Evaluation of udder morphology and milk production in prolific and meat ewes” (session 32). The first research, related with the SMARTER WP3, studied the association between genetic resistance of lambs to gastrointestinal parasites (GIP) with dry matter intake (DMI) average daily gain (ADG) and residual feed intake (RFI). For this, it was used sixty-four Corriedale lambs (357±14 days old), from divergent lines for resistance to GIP (27 resistant-R and 37 susceptible-S), developed by the Uruguayan Wool Secretariat. The preliminary results suggest a difference in growth pattern between R&S lines during the infestation period without effects on DMI. The second research is related to the SMARTER only partially (in the case of the Texel breed).