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National Round Table in Italy!

The SATA Caprini Seminar ended in Padenghe: papers already available online. The SATA Caprini Seminar organized by ARAL in Padenghe sul Garda, in the halls of the West Garda Hotel, ended on 10th February evening with a positive balance: the attendance was higher than expected, including also many connections remotely for these intense two days of “full immersion” dedicated to a sector which is undoubtely growing also in Lombardia (a Northern Italy region) animal science scenario, in particular in the production of award-winning cheeses. The second day, organized as a national round table, was particularly focused on innovative genetics with the presentation of the results of the European project SMARTER, “Small Ruminants breeding for Efficiency and Resilience”. The afternoon program was focused on the results achieved  within the frame of the projects oAssoNaPa, CHEESR and SHEEP&GOATS (PSRN) aiming to develop innovative tools for the selection and conservation of Italian sheep and goat breeds. In this context, it emerged that by 2023 there will be over 13,000 sheeps and goats genotyped (further information: and Also the following  topics were discussed during the event: activities and results of the national genetic-reproductive service Goat Genetic Contract and the activities of the Italian-French Capri Alliance project which aims to create the basis for a shared genetic program. Slides and reports of the event are already available on the ARAL website at this link.