This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 772787.

New stakeholders

In January 2020, two new stakeholders joined the Project and a short profile of each institution is reported.

Agris Sardegna (Italy)

Agris Sardegna is a Research & Innovation Institute whose seat is in Sassari in the Northern Sardinia. The agency works to promote sustainable development of the agricultural sector and biodiversity in Sardinia. As “Istituto Zootecnico e Caseario” before and as Department for Research in Animal Science since 2007 has worked for more than 60 years on genetic improvement the Sarda dairy sheep breed which is the largest dairy sheep breed in Europe.

Agricultural Research Institute, ARI, (Cyprus)

ARI is a Research Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus. ARI is the only institute in Cyprus that conducts applied, innovative agricultural research aiming to create and transfer knowledge for the development of the primary sector and to solve problems at the farmer level. In addition to other research endeavours on small ruminants, ARI has worked on genetic improvement of the Cyprus Chios sheep and Damascus goats for close to 40 years. The Institution offices and experimental farm are situated in Lefkosia.