This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 772787.

Associazione Regionale Allevatori della Lombardia

ARAL (Associazione Regionale Allevatori della Lombardia – Breeders Association of Lombardy Region) started up its activity in 1970, thanks to the determination of the Provincial Breeders’ Association in Lombardy (APA). ARAL has been entitled by the Italian State for the management of Phenotypes Collection (Milk Record) expected for the Herd Books. So one of the main targets of ARAL is genetic selection and improvement of livestock and animal husbandry.

To its partners and clients ARAL also offers the following services:

  • Represents its members in other institutional Offices and Organizations, in Italy and abroad and coordinate the activities;
  • Makes chemical-microbiological analysis for the dairy sector;
  • Makes analysis for forage and feed sector;
  • Promotes and manage extension service for farmers and dairies, coordinate and organize activities of interest to the animal husbandry;
  • Develops applied research projects in animal husbandry and agriculture;
  • Supports research, innovation and development in animal husbandry and agricultural chain.

The historical headquarter of ARAL is situated in the city of Crema, in the centre of Lombardy: ARAL owns offices in all the provinces of the Lombardy region.

ARAL manage an avant-garde accredited technology analysis laboratories that carry out analytical, chemical and microbiological tests on milk, agri-food products and many other parameters.