This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 772787.

European Federation of Animal Science

The European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) is a federation whose members are national organizations working in the animal science sector from over 35 countries of Europe and the Mediterranean area. EAAP has extensive experience in the promotion of scientific research and its dissemination and application into practice. EAAP has also a long tradition in the development of dissemination tools, training activities for scientists and the organization of international conferences. Moreover, EAAP has extensive experience in publishing both at scientific and technical level. EAAP is responsible for communication, dissemination and knowledge transfer activities within several EU-funded projects – since FP6 – and technical themes. By developing online channels such as websites and social media, EAAP facilitates access to data and knowledge for scientists and technicians from all over Europe and the rest of the world.

EAAP has a large database with more than 6000 contacts of scientists and research institutes active in the field of animal science, coming from European and Mediterranean countries. EAAP has also 11 Study Commissions and several Working Groups focused on analysing and managing issues related to different aspects of animal science and the livestock industry. EAAP organizes scientific sessions, workshops, network events and annual EAAP meetings.  EAAP annual meetings gather every August about 1.500 participants, thus targeting both the academic public and the stakeholders.