This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 772787.

SMARTER participation to World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production (WCGALP 2022)

Several SMARTER partners will participate to the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production will be held in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) from 3 to 8 July 2022. Here the list of all the contributors.

  • Pelayo, R. et al., “Influence of a nutritional restriction in dairy ewe lambs on the response to a later inflammatory intramammary challenge”
  • Manunza, A. et al., “Following the Hidden Footsteps of Past Human Migrations via the Goat Genome”
  • López-Correa, R.D., Legarra, A. and and I. Aguilar, I., “Modelling missing pedigree with metafounders and validating ssGBLUP evaluation for Uruguayan Holstein dairy cattle”
  • Teissier, M. et al., “Genetic parameters across European and North American Alpine goats for two milk production and one udder type traits”
  • Marina, H. et al., “Using milk fatty acids as biomarkers to improve feed efficiency in dairy sheep”
  • Suárez-Vega, A. et al., “Milk transcriptome analysis to elucidate the impact of prepubertal nutrition in dairy ewes residual feed intake”
  • Kaseja, K. et al., “Impact of genotypic information on genetic evaluation accuracy for mastitis and footrot in the UK Texel Sheep”
  • Antonios, S. et al., “Partition in long-term contributions of the genetic trend of BascoBéarnaise dairy sheep”
  • Jakobsen, J.H. et al., “Methane emission has low genetic correlations to lamb growth traits in Norwegian White sheep”
  • Machefert, C. et al., “Validation and genetic analysis of a feed efficiency criterion in French Lacaune ewes”
  • Teissier, M. et al., “Genetic characterization and connectedness of dairy goats in Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland”
  • Ithurbide, M. et al., “Milk metabolite profiles in goats selected for longevity support link between resource allocation and resilience”
  • Bermann, M. et al., “Definition of reliabilities for models with metafounders”
  • Chassier, M. et al., “Genetic parameters for feed efficiency in dairy goats, under commercial conditions”
  • Biscarini, F. et al., “Common heterozygosity-rich regions (HRR) across the genomes of commercial and local goat breeds”
  • Navajas, E.A. et al., “Association of genetic resistance to internal nematodes and production traits on feed efficiency and methane emissions in Corriedale lambs”
  • Hazard, D. et al., “Divergent genetic selections for social attractiveness or tolerance toward humans in sheep”
  • Marques, C.B. et al., “Genetic parameters for feed efficiency, gas emissions, oxygen consumption and wool traits in Australian Merino”
  • Tortereau, F. et al., “Feed intake can be predicted as quantitative or qualitative traits”
  • Le Graverand, Q. et al., “Using machine learning to predict feed intakes of meat sheep from animal traits and ruminal microbiota”
  • Douhard, F., Rupp, R. and Gilbert H. et al., “Feed efficiency and resource allocation trade-offs: theory, evidence and prospects”
  • Ben Braiek, M. et al., “Characterization of homozygous haplotype deficiency compromising fertility traits in Manech Tête Rousse dairy sheep”
  • Wicki, M. et al., “Genetic analysis of colostrum and passive immune transfer in divergent goat lines selected for functional longevity”