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The Climate Action Award: another SMARTER synergy!

Gabriela Bordabehere in Milan

Another good news related to the synergies that SMARTER is causing in Uruguay. An Uruguayan Merino farmer Gabriela Bordabehere (from La Soledad farm) and Gucci received The Climate Action Award at Milan Fashion Week SS2023. Gabriela´s farm together with other sheep producers are part of Nativa Regenerative Agriculture program (from Chargeurs Luxury Materials and Lanas Trinidad), in partnership with Gucci and supported by INIA. Much of the scientific knowledge that helped make trade deals a reality was done within SMARTER (WP7). Analyzes of LCA, carbon stock, biodiversity (birds), Ecosystem Integrity Index (developed by Blumetto et al., 2019) and predictomics (for CH4, RFI, GFW) were included.

In addition, Gabriela was the leading farmer in the video of the Smarter Round Table in Uruguay, which also had a representative from the firm Chargeurs Luxury Materials at the discussion panel and in the video .

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Visit to La Soledad farm with Jean-Michel Astruc and Gabriela Bordabehere