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WCGALP 2022: Call for papers, deadline 12th January 2022!

The WCGALP 2022 will be held in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) on 3rd – 8th July! The call for papers is already open and the deadline is 12th January 2022!

The WCGALP Ovine and Caprine (sheep and goats!) organising committee invite you to submit genetic and genomic papers on the topics listed below:

1.            Meat and milk quality traits in sheep & goat breeding programmes

2.            Mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from sheep & goats

3.            Feed efficiency and resilience characteristics

4.            Novel traits in sheep and goat breeding

5.            Improving  survival through breeding approaches for sheep and goats

6.            Improving reproductive success, maternal efficiency and lambing interval in sheep & goat   breeding programmes

7.            Application of genomic breeding values in applied breeding programmes for sheep & goats

8.            New phenotyping technologies and strategies specifically suited for sheep & goats

9.            Optimising sheep and goat breeding program design in the genomic era

If interested, please submit your 4-page summaries soon to session 49 via the dedicated webpage.

For more information about the conference visit the website.